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5 reasons why a website will help you attract more customers!

In the age of the digitalized society, a website is as self-evident as a telephone number or e-mail address. A website is the central starting point in the online sector and provides an overview of your offer at a glance.

However, many entrepreneurs and self-employed still do not pay attention to a professional Internet presence. The competition does not sleep and those who do not follow suit will soon have no chance as competitors on the market!

Have you also not yet invested in a modern Internet presence? Several million people use the Internet every day and to present yourself online in a great way is therefore becoming increasingly important in today's world.


1. Generate Attention

The website is the modern business card of a company, self-employed person or non-profit organization. You can convey a lot of information in a short time and it only takes seconds to do so. Simply share the link, print it on all business materials or refer to it via email in the signature. 

Any customer or potential customer, knows exactly where to find the information they need and can contact you as soon as possible. The customer immediately has a picture generated by you in front of his eye and does not need hours or travels to convince himself of your competences.

Conversely, this means more attention for less effort on your part. With specialists in this field, a website is quickly set up and can convey all your services with photos, videos and compact.


2. Open around the clock

You also deserve a break once in a while, but your website does not sleep. If, for example, your customer finds out in the middle of the night that he still needs to know the address for the personal appointment the next morning, he doesn't have to ring you out of bed. One look at your website is enough and he knows exactly where to go. 

The information you have prepared nicely and compactly for your customers is available 24/7 online. No expensive customer service solutions are necessary, because most of the information can be solved with a glance at the website. In a so called Q&A (question and answer) section you can provide the frequently asked questions of your customers and save your efforts and time. 




3. Communicate news quickly

Writing letters was yesterday! If you have an important information that concerns your business, you can provide it with little work on your website clearly visible. Just write a short text, add a suitable picture and within less than a minute every customer can find out about the news. 

Combined with an email distribution list, you can target customers to news or create offers.


4. Win customers and save money

Even companies with websites often have the problem that their websites are not optimized for search engines. But a website can do so much more than just provide information. Brand awareness can be generated through proper optimization, targeted advertising and linking to social media services. 

With a well-optimized website, you can be found quickly and optimally just by entering a few search terms. If you are now asking yourself: Why do I need this so-called SEO optimization? Here is a short question for you:


If you are looking for a service or product, have heard of a company, or are looking for your nearest doctor or tax consultant.... do you then open the phone book, drive around wildly OR don't you just type a short search term like "eye doctor in Vienna" into the Google search engine?


Most people start a short Google search to find what they are looking for. If you are optimally represented here with a website at the top of the search, you will automatically generate new customers without spending a single cent.

This way you don't have to run costly advertising campaigns or spend hundreds of dollars on marketing print products. It is often enough for the start to invest specifically in a good website and with optimized SEO (search engine optimization) to appear at the top for appropriate search terms. 


5. Competitive also in the future

With the ever increasing technologization of the world and the increased use of the online space, you will still be present in the market. In modern society, you are at a severe disadvantage to other businesses or self-employed individuals in your industry if you are not well found online!

Even in industries where not long ago it was not believed that the online area would become important for customer acquisition, digitalization has arrived. 


Why invest in a website?

The website is your central information and starting point on the Internet. With the increased digitization of the world, without a professional web presence you will lag behind your industry peers. 

And it's so easy....You don't need programming skills or a great understanding of complex web structures. The only thing you need is your great offer and an agency that supports you in the best possible way to have a professional web presence with little time investment.


Have we aroused your interest in a website? Then get started with us.